Online Basketball Games

If you want to play basketball but you are not that physically competitive or you do not want to soak up in sweat, why not play online basketball games? This is the next best thing to playing the real game. There are basketball games that can be downloaded and installed on the computer, while there are those that are readily available to play using the browser. There are basketball game applications that can also be installed on gadgets like iPad and iPhone. The good thing about installing the game on the computer or device is that you can play even when there is no Internet connection. But if you prefer to play instantly without any download or installation, online basketball games are your best choice.

Click to play  NBA Hoop Troop

Click to play NBA Hoop Troop

As long as you have good Internet connection, there are several types of basketball games that you can play on the web. Different game websites offer various basketball games so you will never run out of a new game to play in case you get bored on one game. There are games that can be played with single player, while others can be played with two players. Some games have massive multiplayer modes allowing you to play with other people online. So you can still feel the game and meet friends, even if your don’t have the best basketball shoes and not in shape at all.

If you are just starting to play basketball game online, it is best if you try playing the single player game first. This will help you practice on your shooting skills using the mouse. Most of the games require holding the mouse and releasing to shoot the ball. Adjust the spot where you will let go of the mouse so the ball will enter the basketball ring. There are different options for playing the game. Unlimited shooting is available in which you are allowed to play as long as you want. You can then move to the different modes when you are ready.

Click to play World Basket Cup

World Basket Cup

There are time challenge modes in which you will be given limited time to shoot as many as you can. The time limit may vary from one game to another. Some gives 30 second limit while others have 2 minute limit. If you want to feel the excitement and rush of the game, try this mode, as this is what you feel as you are time pressured. You can also pick your team to play with another team. If playing alone, the other team will be controlled by the computer. What is even better about playing these basketball games on the Internet is their cool graphics. Some have simple interface with cartoon like figures while others are made in 3D.

Keep practicing playing these games and you will get used to it. It may be difficult at first to shoot some balls but you will get better in time. Once you find the right distance and timing on shooting the ball, everything will be easier. There are basketball games that have stadium settings while others are set on streets. Players may be wearing jersey or their cool outfits. Some basketball games do not even have characters included but the ball alone.

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