Basketball Scorer

Prepare for some hoop-shooting fun action game from this free online game.

How to Play the Basketball Scorer

After it has completely loaded, it will show you a screen with “play” option, go ahead and click it. The next screen will show you the title of this game, volume and music control at the upper right corner of the screen and “new game” and “more games” options below, then click on “New Game”. It will make you select mode: Still, Random or Moving. After you have chosen a game mode, it will direct you to the game itself.

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Play Basketball Scorer

With the use of your mouse, you can have total control of the ball and its speed to get it through the hoops. The left button of the mouse will get to hold before you release your ball.  On that screen, you will see the menu, pause, restart options, as well as the score and time. The arrow will indicate the direction and how strong is the pressure you have placed on the ball before you release it to fly.

The tricky part about this game is that before you get to shoot the ball on the ring you have to hit some pop up objects around you with the use of the ball only. The star icon will give you additional score, while the clock-like icon will give you more time. The more time you get, the more chances for you to get more points and longer you can play the game. But hit them fast because they immediately disappear.

Basketball Scorer

Icons are expected to pop in anywhere, so always get your ball ready to fly and hit them, of course, it’s still best if you can shoot more hoops, but that requires more effort and patience so you can just aim on the bonus icons for a start. You can also try other modes, but the trickiest would be the Moving mode because the ring doesn’t stay in one place for the ball, it tends to suddenly switch to another location or moves up and down.

Once your time is up it will automatically be game over for you, so you have the option to restart the game or go back to the main menu and choose other game modes. Explore the game further and see yourself hooked to it.

This is just one of the games that will relieve any player from stress, aside from being a free online game, it’s also very exciting to play. Your strategy in hitting every icon and getting to shoot the ball through the ring will move you more to try and improve your skill. For someone who dislikes time pressure events, this game will test your patience, indeed. But nevertheless, it’s the happiness you will get after every game or every time you hit an icon and accumulate bonus points and bonus time.

Those are the moments that are irreplaceable and indeed, priceless. It doesn’t matter how many attempts you made for this game, it’s the excitement that you gained every time you play this game.