Free online basketball games

Free online basketball games are fun to play whether you are playing on your own, with your friends or with other players online. They have different difficulty levels so you can play at your own phase. If you are a beginner, the easy level will be the best option for you. Once you get familiar with the basics and you would like to try your skills to the next level, the moderate level will test what you have learned from the first level. If you think you are a pro in playing these games, the difficult level will be the most challenging for you.

Where to Find Free Online Basketball Games

There are so many game sites that offer basketball games for free without the need to download. They allow you to play the game instantly as long as you have working Internet connection. Some games may also require certain plug-ins like flash to be installed on your computer before you can play the game. But generally, these plug-ins are free and easy to install. If a plug-in is missing on your computer and it is needed for the game, you will usually get a message to install it. Most of the time, you will be given the link or site where to download it. After downloading and installing the needed plug-in, you will be able to play the game without any problem.


Basketball Tournament


Choose your team and play with your opponent for a chance to win the championship. You will control all the members of the team if playing on a single player mode. There are massive multiplayer mode basketball games that allow different users to play with each other. Each player will then control one team member. If playing with other players, teamwork is important to have a better chance of beating the other team.


Limited Time Challenge


If you want to see how many shots you can make within a specified period, this type of online basketball game is the best option. There are different time limits set so it is up to you which one you want to play. There are games that have 30 seconds time limit while others can be played for a couple of minutes or more. Beat your friend’s high score or your own high score on a basketball time challenge.


Limited Shots


There are game modes that will let you shoot specific number of balls. For instance, a 20 shots basketball game will give you 20 balls to shoot. There is no time limit for this so you can aim properly as you do not have to rush. See how many balls you can shoot out of all the 20 balls or whatever number of balls is given.


Dunk Off Challenge


Every basketball player is aiming to perform a successful dunk. This will make him more popular. If you are having difficulties doing it in real life, online basketball dunk off is your chance to get that best dunk. Amaze everyone in the crowd (at least the crowd on the game) with your perfect dunk.