NBA Hoop Troop

You can now play your favorite NBA team in an All-Star Basketball Competition. You have your own free will in choosing any teams you want, may it be Celtics, Rockets, Heat or Lakers. You can also either play indoors, streets or coastal area. Principles of the game are very NBA, jump ball, pass ball, tap, dunk, lob dunk. There is also an added slow motion playback. So go and choose your team and start the NBA-Star Basketball Competition experience.

Click Here to play NBA Hoop Troop

Play NBA hoop troops

How to play the NBA Hoop Troop

First: Select Game Mode > vs. Computer or vs. Player

Second: Choose your team then click on “Ready”.

In this portion it will show you the team stats like ball handling, speed, shooting, ups and dunking.

Third: Select a location: Arena > Rooftop > Beach

After setting up your game, you are now ready to play. On the game screen you will see the teams playing on the left and right side of the screen and the timer in the center.

Below the screen you will see the game controls:

To move: left, right, up and down arrow keys.

Your Team                  Opponent

Pass: [z]                      Steal: [z]

Spin: [x]                      Change player: [x]

Shoot: [space]                        Block: [space]

There are only 4 players in the game, two from each team so you can easily see every movement and what your next move would be. After every set, it will show you the halftime report containing the scores of both team and the option to “Skip Halftime”.

NBA Hoop Troops

You will be amazed on the graphics and the effects on this game. Every move looks so real, although they just look like minions, still every movement and action is very interactive. After the game will be the Final Game Report and Player Stats, so you would already know who the winner is at this point. Then at the bottom you will give two options: Quit Game or Return to Main Menu.

Each game location has its own interesting features. Like if you prefer the Beach, it will show you a setting for it with the basketball court and all that, but no audiences. If you choose the Arena, it’s like you are in an actual NBA game, with all the cheering and applause of the audiences adding to the excitement of the game. Even the audiences are moving too. While playing in the Rooftop is also fun, although no audiences, but aside from the sounds of the game itself are some sounds of vehicles like the honking and car engines, the feel of you being in the city rooftop.


So, if you are an NBA Basketball fan or someone who just simply loves basketball, in general, this free online game will interest you a lot. It can also be downloaded for more continuous fun, however you should have the “UnityWebPlayer.exe” installed in order for you to play the game online, without it will just leave you craving for it.

It’s also a game that applies to all ages, it’s also a good game where family and friends can huddle around and explore or play the game together.