Play Basketball Games Online

If you can’t beat your friends in playing the real basketball game no matter how you try, online games may be the solution to your problem. If you love playing computer games, play basketball games online and it may be your chance to finally become the king of the court. There are several games available on the Internet that you can play for free. You will have fun time playing them without having to spend a single dollar. What’s even better is that there are wide range of choices that you can select for the type of basketball game to play.

Basic Game Play

Though there are different basketball games that you can play online, they are usually played the same way. Most of them make use of the mouse to control the player. Read the instructions of the specific game to determine how to control your player. However, you can usually control the movement of the player by moving the mouse to where you want the player to go. To shoot the ball, hold the mouse to the best spot that will make it to the ring then release.

Game Levels

Whether you are a beginner or a pro in playing online games, there will be an online basketball game that will match your skills. There are easy games for beginners that will help them in familiarizing themselves with the game play and the strategies that they can use to score high. If you never played this game before, find easy ones to play with and enhance your shooting skills before trying the more difficult games. Once you are able to score high on the easy level, you can move on to the medium difficulty level. This is more challenging than the first level but not too hard for someone who is not yet a pro in playing basketball online. If you are confident that you can play the hardest level, find games with the highest difficulty level. This is your opportunity to show your friends what you got when it comes to online basketball.

Kinds of Online Basketball Games

The settings and characters of these basketball games vary from each other. There are games that are set on basketball arenas while others are set on the street. Some characters are wearing jersey while others are wearing different outfits. Some are punks while others are gangsters. This is one of the fun things about playing these games. The graphics are entertaining and will make your playing time more enjoyable. Some characters are not even human. There are sticks, cats, ducks and even superheroes that play on the game.

There are basketball shooting games that will allow you to play on your own. There are games that will let you play as long as you want. These games that have unlimited time and unlimited number of shots are great if you want to practice your shooting skills first before playing the other modes. Once ready, you can then choose to play a basketball shooting game with time pressure or limited shots. You can also find games that will allow you to play with other players. Others allow one on one to five on five games.