Scary Maze Game 100

The Scary Maze Game came out so many years ago. Believe it or not – but even today – millions of people play this game every single month. Why? well, because it is so cool. Many use it to prank their friends, but others (like me) play the game themselves. I am so tired of boring and regular games. Scary Maze is surprising – you play it and don’t know when the witch will pop and scare you. This adds action and excitement to the game experience.


Few weeks ago I found out that you can also play the Scary Maze game on your smartphone (IOS , Android). I think that’s great ! I persoanlly don’t really have time to play games on my PC – I am very busy with work and other things. But many times, I have few spare minutes that I can use to play games on my smartphone. Many years ago, consoles like Nintendo DS and SONY PSPS were super popular and expensive. Nowadays, almost no one is buying them because of the smartphones. You can choose from hundreds of thousands of free apps and games. So why would anyone pay for a console without free games? that’s ridicules. When I was a kid, I always wanted to buy a PSP. But when I became older, this console was not popular anymore. Smartphones came out (they were not as advanced as they are today, but still) – and they made portable consoles “useless”.


I really recommend you to download the Scary Maze Game to your smartphone. It is fun, addicting and challenging. There are many different Scary Maze games online. I persoanlly really like the third version, but don’t get me wrong – all versions are really fun. By the way – you can download most of them to your smartphone. I think it is even more fun to play these scary games on a touch screen. The good thing about the app I linked to is that it contains many different mazes and scary games. So you just download it, and don’t have to download any other scary apps in addition. It saves you time and storage space.

You can find other scary games online (like the needle game) – but they are not as scary or as popular as the Maze games.

On YouTube you can find thousends of funny videos showing people playing the Scary Maze Game and… getting scared ! Some of these videos are really funny actually. I will show you one of them here. It is my favorite video by the way :