Stix Basketball

A typical basketball game that will only need a mouse to control the entire ball game. Play like a sporty Stickman and get to win tons of prizes as you enjoy the experience of playing this fun basketball game.

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How to Play the Stix Basketball

All you have to do is aim and shoot the ball straight into the basket with just the use of your mouse. While the left and right arrow keys to move forward and backward. The left button of your mouse will control the speed of your ball and accuracy of shooting it into the basketball ring.

In order for you to receive more prizes and reward points you have to complete all stages. Click on “Start” to begin.

The menu has 6 button options:

Practice – this will allow you to prepare for the actual game with 30 balls to practice with. Every shot you make lets you earn points and gives you a free ball. Once you have used up all your balls, click “Back”.

Play – the actual game will give you 10 balls to start from, every shot you make gives you a bonus ball and more points. Just to remind you, you cannot use the left and right arrow keys on the actual play as Stickman will be fixed on one location only.

10 shots – with 10 shots you will be entitled to more bonus points.

Free throws – with 3 balls, every shot you make entitles you to a bonus ball to earn more points.

Credits – credits go to NOXGAMES, creator of this game and music by Kevin MacLeod.

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Stix Basketball

The points you have earned in every hoops you get to shoot will reward you with any of the following: Beginner’s Bounce, Rookie, Free Throwing, Sharpshooter or 99 Balloons. And be listed under the High score corner along with other players of this amazing game.

You may find this game less challenging at first, but the more you try every event you will find more exciting and will even push yourself to try every option every now and then. It’s just amazing how unlimited this game seems to be no matter how many times you try playing it.

This particular game will improve your skills and be consistent in every strategy you make just to get all the hoops to the ring. Patience is also a virtue here whenever you miss your shot and miss the chance of getting extra points and a bonus ball for another lucky shot. This game will also teach you to challenge yourself in going beyond your limits and exploring how far you can still go. It does not matter whether you go near the ring or far from it, because both distances is a test on how well you can shoot hoops and how many points you can get as you move farther from it.

If you are a basketball fan or wanted to learn how to shoot well, practice with Mr. Stickman here before you hit into the actual court.